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I have always had an interest in my beginnings. I was adopted at six weeks of age and my adoptive parents died when I was four. After a series of homes, I was naturally curious about my background. When I was thirty eight I met my natural family and out came the family photo albums. That was it, I was caught. Now more than twenty five years later I have accumulated over 2500 names, most of them related to me in one way or the other. Not bad for a person who grew up thinking they had no one. I've got this genealogy bug now, I'm addicted. I hope all you other addicts out there will find some interesting facts in..

Robin's Genealogy




Ancestral Lines I Am Researching








These are only my direct lines but I have over 3000 "cousins" in this database


     MOORE Enter my Brick Walls and see if you can break them down.

      Current Mystery: Moores of Ontario Canada


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Gedcoms are available to genuine researchers of my bloodlines. Please email me with details of how you are connected and I will send you one. I am against large organizations downloading Gedcoms and then charging others for the information.

If you have any information that I can add to my genealogy I would be very grateful.


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Robin Wallace
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